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July 2015

Curb Appeal Awards: Enchanted Oaks

Enchanted Oaks: NRP Group's Thirty Oaks Wins Annual Curb Appeal Contest

NRP Group's Thirty Oaks Wins Annual Curb Appeal Contest


By Paul R. Bergeron IIIJuly 2015

The developers faced an initial challenge about what to do with the more than 40 black oak trees that dotted the land where Thirty Oaks Apartments was built in San Antonio, Texas.

"Leave them be" was the sentiment the team determined, and boy are they happy they did.

"Prospective residents love the aspect of the black oak trees throughout the community, saying it gives the place a sense of Texas enchantment by maintaining its heritage," says Chris Heywood, Regional Property Manager, The NRP Group. "The construction team worked around them to ensure [that more than 30] stayed on the site."

Another goal was to provide an attractive landscape feature on the entry drive to the property, Mark Jensen, Vice President Development, The NRP Group, says.

"The building architecture was designed to incorporate craftsman elements to blend well with the trees and suburban location, providing a warm inviting feel," Jensen says. "The interior design incorporated wood, but with a more contemporary spin." The placement of the pool and common areas also was oriented around the trees, adds Jensen. 

The landscaping design and package for Thirty Oaks cost more than $500,000. 

The monuments, lighting and infrastructure for the entry cost nearly $200,000, according to The NRP Group.

Extreme heat and the lack of rainfall is the greatest challenge the property's landscaping faces. "We've incorporated distinctive irrigation planning throughout the community to help overcome the climate," Heywood says. 

—Paul R. Bergeron III, NAA

About This Contest:

Curb appeal is a critical component to any successful apartment community. NAA membership was invited to submit photos and descriptions of their curb appeal for the fourth annual units Magazine Curb Appeal Contest.

We received more than 75 entries from a variety of communities ranging in type, age, location and budget. The NRP Group's Thirty Oaks in San Antonio, Texas, was chosen by a group of NAA member volunteers for top honors.